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Alexandra Hansen

Ann's Hummingbird

Ann's Hummingbird

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acrylic on canvas

I usually paint with quite a earth toned and metallic pallet. I had been discussing birds with a fellow artist, Gaylene Fortner, and how the trend in art right now are bright explosions of color, even if it's not the genuine color of the animal and setting. I've always been a very literal painter when it comes to painting wildlife and getting thier coat colors correct. So, what animal naturally had a bright and happy coat or body? Hummingbirds. My theme for my next painting was joy and what better way to signify joy then through a tiny little bird with the most beautiful feathers nature can provide! Hummingbirds have always brought me joy because I see them so rarely that when I am blessed enough to see one, my whole heart just warms up. It's my hope you can feel that same joy with this piece. 

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